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Wig knowledge of raw materials

1/2 mechanism from craft hairdos, bud silk net, jewish wig, lace before net, hair piece, lace wig, MONO wig; Purposes: doll hair, anime wigs, festival wig ladies wigs Men wig wig raw materials. Wig raw material classification, use most is the virgin hair on the market at present, India virgin hair, Brazilian virgin hair, virgin hair this several in Europe. 


China hair: the hair is far the largest hair making wig raw material usage, China's large population, the hair is hard, after acid treatment can be bleached, decoration to make model again to the head. More popular in the United States and Europe. 


Send qualitative soft, Indian hair, Indian hair straight hair without China, have small waves, the hair after chemical treatment easy to fracture, plasticity is not strong. 


European hair: the hair color is more close to the local consumer market, the raw material is the most expensive, with the European hair hair soft, not suitable for bleaching and post-processing, used for receiving more directly. 


Chemical fiber, chemical fiber silk is a supplement for human hair raw materials, chemical fiber can be divided into the normal temperature, high temperature wire, wire and protein; Room temperature: high of 120 degrees can heat resistance. 


High temperature wire, high temperature wire used for people have a shade of a filler, high temperature wire deformation in the heated to 270 degrees, this kind of wire is used to finalize the design, reduce raw material costs have a curtain. To make the modelling design. 


Protein silk: is the most close to human hair raw materials, feel is the most close to human hair, wigs are commonly used in high-grade products do stuffing, and can automatically after burning fuel, products limited in many countries, the clear requirements, false hair can fuel, many countries have happened wig caused the tragedy, so the choice is carefully and choose the high quality product, can be used properly and safely.