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Wig common quality problems

The hair. Hair quality determines the quality of wigs, human virgin hair wigs made of hair, the hair quality is the best shunfa. 


To send. To pay attention to the way of washing, do not pull hair, hair pulled a less a wig. Hair easy is not easy to fracture also related to the elasticity of the hair, not shunfa wigs, hair cut hair more than shunfa obviously. 


Hair loss problem. Hair loss is very big problem because production process is unqualified, handmade wig, to the hair silk string, mechanism process of wig, to the simulation hair shade large areas of hair loss caused by sewing is not strong enough. Hand-woven wig is easy to string, check method is to pull a hair, do not force the break, in the process of pulling if occurs as the pull strength can be pulled, that knits process is not strong enough. If there is a snap, no loose hair that knits the craft is very good.


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