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Do you want to know the wig q&a, step1

Q: don't trouble trouble when wearing a wig? 

A: if the hair is short, so very simple, direct litigated, cover the whole head, and then in the comb to play once 

OK, if it is found, the long hair, can bundle up her hair, the hair can beam several clusters, then back up with tongs clamp clip flat, can with a little philosophy water appropriately, then head set set up the wig with respect to OK! 


Q: head circumference is larger, how to choose suitable wig? 

Answer: a wig design for each person's head circumference size adjustment into consideration, on both sides with adjustable, can be done in accordance with their head circumference size adjustment, so there is no size of the problem. 


Q: easily knotted wig? 

Answer: use 100% true human virgin hair wigs, after special craft processing, not easily knotted. Secret: her hair knot is likely, if the hair knot not carefully, just covered with a hot towel for a moment, then slowly comb can, don't Shouting there. 


Q: how long is the life of a wig? 

A: if the wig is love a wig can be used for a long time. As long as the hair style or you have been like when, however, you can wear all the time! 


Q: a wig at ordinary times how to maintain and preserve? 

Answer: the wig generally need not special maintenance. Recommend the use of special maintenance supplies, if you do not use usually, please also will be put on hold the wig in the rack, or put in the original packaging, in order to maintain and prolong the service life of the hairstyle! Curly hair every time need to pay attention to the point of the zone, if wrong must beat them to separate the good with the hand or can be put to comb the hair all then. Wig is a bit dry can spray a little proper dedicated conditioner, pay attention to don't philosophies of spray water on wigs, wig is not life, spray the no use can make the wig instead of oily, and wigs never use plastic comb, suggest using three-dimensional steel tooth comb, with this easy to comb the wig, and not easy to make a wig hair!!!!!