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The difference between the medical wig and fashion wig!

Medical wig

Generally applicable to the head surgery, chemotherapy or hair loss of customers, after the first is required for this customer wig more comfortable, because the population of direct contact with the scalp, so the wig use fabrics more demanding, generally used in contact with the skin of A kind of material. Soft material is more suitable for contact with skin, and won’t cause redness and swelling, and allergies. Good air permeability, contribute to the recovery of wounds, head pore free breath, feeling refreshed! Should have good stability after wearing. The traditional clamp can’t use, by elastic fabric fixed wig when is the best choice. USES the natural color, hair more healthy. Fidelity is more demanding, no hair, hair care more about others if I can see that is a wig, so it is more realistic requirements. Distribution line position often USES the scalp or technology.

Fashion wig


Made of human virgin hair wigs for fashion hairstyle to ask for more, generally is more suitable for white hair, or often catch hair, often change hair style of customers. Fashion wig many customers pursue style is novel, changeable, more style, suitable for different occasions, so hair is preferred. Fashion wigs, fixed your hair, so the net cap are usually larger than his head circumference 1-2 cm is more suitable. Fashion wigs suit to match for many different occasions, so the wig wearing time is not too long, no health wig high to the requirement of process, so the process cost is cheaper than medical wigs, however, if it is worn for a long time, are also advised to choose a hand-woven technology of permeability is better.