We always insist on providing people good hair

DK Company


DK Hair is a wig trading company that focuses on quality and has its own factory with mature technology! .The company was founded in 2013, and now has a history of 10 years, with a large number of cooperative customers, mainly in the Americas and Africa!

Our company culture is: happiness, trust, change, achievement!

All types of wigs and peripheral products are in our business scope. One-stop service allows you to easily purchase high-quality and inexpensive hair without leaving home! We focus on hair quality and provide the most accurate hair products to meet customer needs according to each customer's market, tailor-made, and provide OEM services! It is different from most suppliers who only want to sell hair to make money. This is why many customers are willing to maintain a long-term cooperation with us, and why our customers can operate for a long time! Not only quality, we also have a series of professional teams and professional services, so DK Hair will always be your best choice!