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Payment: Safe and Guaranteed


We accept Paypal,WesternUion,MoneyGram,T/T,BankTransfer on our website. If you want to use Alibaba Secure Payment / Alipay / Escrow,please talk with us,we will arrange it.

1.If you choose Paypal,you can pay the order online directly,our website have an Official Cooperation with Paypal. (If pay by paypal payment, please make sure the address you write on here is same with your paypal shipping address, thank you.)


2.If you choose WesternUion,MoneyGram,T/T,BankTransfer,you need to pay it through these payment,before you go to do these payment,please keep the receiver's infomations,make sure that everything is right for you to pay. Pay by these payment will get 4% off

(The system will automatically calculate and deduct 4% expenses of products price when you choose the WesternUion,MoneyGram,T/T,BankTransfer in your order system,please check the total when you want to pay it)


After you done your payment,please find your order in the Website Control Center when you sign in. and complete the payment infomations. After you finished your payment,we will check your payment received or not. If payment is right,we will send you packages asap. If you payment is not right,we will send you email to tell you.

And please make sure to send your payment proof to our email: services@dkvirginhair.com,that will help to comfirm your payment quickly.



3.If you want to pay by other payment,please free to let us know,our email: services@dkvirginhair.com